June 5

Elon Musk Super Bad Feeling


It was a Friday, June 3, where everyone would have the weekend to ponder a new economic forecast. The musings of Elon Musk about the economy and a projection of a 10% layoff at Tesla. It shouldn’t be hard to pick because 10% of Tesla employees may self-layoff when they have to face the new Emailed ultimatum. Spend 40 hours a week at work, at the office, or don’t bother working here at all.

Dimon – Super Bad Weather

This comes in tandem with the words of another billionaire, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, warning of a hurricane coming our way. One thing certain about a hurricane- it’s going to rain on somebody pretty bad.

Joe Biden had to comment with one of his indecipherable quips- this one about going to the moon. Made me think of the Honeymooners “To the moon Alice!”

$175 A Barrel?

Maybe so and maybe no but nobody a year ago would give that kind of forecast the time of day. Nope. But this is 2022 and a war in Ukraine is as good an excuse as any to deflect blame for bad US policy.

The funny thing is that so many freak-out and come running out to counter these kinds of predictions which only lends toward their plausibility. Bloomberg, BofA want us to calm down and keep on spending. And spend we will. Gas prices are double what they were when Biden was elected president and will keep going up- unless we go into another Covid lockdown.


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Elon Musk Super Bad Feeling

Elon Musk Super Bad Feeling
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